Get Attention With Award Winning Headlines

Get Attention With Award Winning Headlines

Headlines are probably the most important part of your content writing process. A great headline will get attention, and a bad headline will have you hearing crickets and seeing no visitors. If you haven't been thinking about headlines as an important part of your writing process, you should start. Everyone knows content is key, but without a captivating headline, your content may never get seen.

It's been said that unless your headline sells your product, you have already wasted 90 percent of your money. That's a staggering amount of potential customers and profits you could be losing due to bad headlines! Headlines hook your viewer and get attention for your content. It's the first thing anyone using Social Media, RSS, Google, or any other form of Search tactic to find information sees. Boring headlines get no love and lead to lower viewers, less conversions and a lot of frustration.

You could literally have the secret to the Holy Grail in your content but without enticing your viewers to read it, no one will see it.

Loyal Visitors Go A Long Way To Get Attention

Headline also retain loyal visitors who keep coming back to read all the amazing content you post. Nothing is better than repeat business! In addition to all the reasons I have mentioned above, the one reason that really resonates highly with online marketers is the boosts a website will get in Google from a compelling, informative and captivating titles. Google indexes your site based on the content it perceives you have on it, so if your headlines aren't reflecting your content, Google will no doubt rank your site low.

Don't worry though, I've made it easy to make the necessary changes to help you get attention for your website and your valuable content.

Below I've compiled some of the best practices to writing fantastic headlines.Keep in mind, these fixes are easy to implement and free! Try some out today, and spice up your blog or website.

  1. Stop describing the article in your headline

No one wants to read a research paper, well some may, but the majority of us need something that grabs our attention quickly. There's a reason why huge magazine's and entertainment sites choose headlines like "Justin Bieber Caught Doing What?", or "Hugh Jackman Changes the World with this One Little Gesture". These headlines grab your attention and make you want to open and read the article. You can easily do this with your headlines and it doesn't have to take tons of time and money. Small changes can really go a long way. Take a minute to google your industry and read some of the top headlines that pop up to get some good ideas for your site.

  1. Don't use a ton of punctuation and CAPS

Exclamation points aren't that exciting!!!! I PROMISE!!!! Nothing sounds more like spam then a headline in all CAPS with 7 exclamation points. Just stop doing it, it doesn't get attention you think it will, and there is literally nothing else I can say about this point.

  1. Use keywords in titles


On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.


Try to use your keywords or variations of your keywords in your titles. This isn't always possible, but you should always attempt to shameless add in a keyword into your title. Just don't make yourself sound too spammy. Headings like "Cleaning Methods for Silver Spoons, Silver Knifes, and Silver Forks" are incredibly spam and may scare away potential customers. Imagine this as the "pushy salesman" of the internet. You don't want to be that guy, do you?

  1. Make your headlines unique

No one wants to search a term for Google only to be presented with 4 different articles that have the same headlines.  Take the time to research your keywords and what other headlines your competition is using and try to do something different. This will not only get your link clicked on more, it could even give you a higher page rank!

  1. Call to action and a sense of urgency

Try to give your headlines an air of urgency in their tone. If you are selling hair products, try something like "Get those fly away's tamed just in time for your next date night", or "Don't let that pimple ruin your next big meeting!". If you know your market, you should know what your product can do for your customers. Incorporate that into your headline.

These are just a few of the things you can do to easily give your site a quick touch-up and get attention. If you have any other good tips, please feel free to comment below and share with the other visitors!

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