Linking Strategy: Link To Your Content And Why It Works

Add Inter-linking to your Linking Strategy

There is one often overlooked type of linking strategy that requires nothing more than reviewing your site. Linking your content is a simple linking strategy that doesn't require any skill and just a little time. Inter-linking your content can help Google crawl your pages and increase your site ranking. Take a quick look through your articles and see where you can slip in links to other pieces of your content. This good for search engine rankings and great when establishing a site hierarchy, which is what Google really loves.

Another important thing that is often overlooked when creating a linking strategy is the website site map. This may seem like a waste of time, or just something you haven't gotten around to yet, but it can really help Google. Google can better understand your site when you inter-link your content. Not only does it help crawlers, a detailed sitemap really comes in handy when you start to develop more and more content. It will help when you grow your website and have to keep track of all that content.

*Quick Tip: If you aren't using Google Webmaster Tools you need to head over there right now and start. It is be an invaluable tool when trying to learn how Google is viewing your site.

And The Best Way to Link your Content is...

It's not hard to link your website, you can simply go read your content and see where you can add a link. You don't have to have a detailed link strategy, but keeping track of inter-links can be helpful. To link your content easily you can simply read and edits posts, adding in links that relate to other parts of your site. If you have a commerce site you can link product review posts to products and add related products. For a services site, create detailed service pages that can be linked to for more content. Don't overload your visitor with too many links and don't make them read a ton of useless information. The attention span of the average online user is only a couple seconds, which is why a solid link strategy can be beneficial.

Interlinking your Website Pages

It's important to remember that a "Main Page" is any page you want to increase the rank of. It can be your homepage, a products page, landing page or any other page you want to increase traffic and search engine ranking position (SERP).

Linking your content


Want to learn more about Google's process for ranking websites? has a great article that can help you figure it out

If you have a sales or service company it might be harder to link content, sometimes websites don't contain a ton of content or posts/articles, and that's ok (although you really should think about starting a blog if content isn't a huge part of your website strategy so far). If this describes your company, you can try to link your pages to your contact page, or about us page throughout your site.

Generally speaking you should always try to link your content as you build your website. Try to keep a mental note (or better yet a detailed sitemap) of what appears on your site and keep it in mind when you are writing new content. This way you can easily add links between your old and new content.

Linkbuilding.....What and Why Should I Care?

You will hear plenty of people mentioning the act of linkbuilding using desired keywords, and while this might be logical, it is becoming less and less effective. Keywords are becoming less and less important in Google's algorithm, so when writing, just link words that make sense when reading. You do want to keep note of good keywords in your industry and use them as much as possible, but repeating words over and over again isn't going to get you noticed any quicker. The last thing you want to do is make your content feel spammy. Once that happens you can kiss that reader goodbye for good. There are far too many other websites that don't set off red flags that the reader can go to for the information they need.

Try taking a stab at it on your website now, it's free and relatively painless, and it could help your search engine ranking, which is always a beneficial move.

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