Revamp Your SEO Approach to Make Big Gains

Revamp Your SEO Approach - The Basics of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a mystery to most businesses, and, it's no surprise that this, often overlooked, aspect of your website can really hurt your websites traffic and conversion success. By creating a winning SEO plan or making some changes to revamp your SEO approach you can start to grow your organic traffic. Organic traffic is the key to success, and it's important you start to focus on it now!

Wading through the muddy waters that make up Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be time consuming, confusing and hard to manage. If you need help we can provide you with suggestions that will return results. We take a look at your website and analyze everything from keywords and site structure to design and user experience. Our firm takes the time to learn about your market and analyze trends and find opportunities that provide implementable solutions for improving your websites search engine ranking.

If you want to try your hand at your own Search Engine Optimization we have outlined a basic guide that you can use to look at your SEO approach.

SEO in Five buckets

Below are the 5 buckets of Search Engine Optimization, along with some questions to ask yourself when creating your SEO Plan. These can also be used to revamp your SEO Approach.

  1. Keyword Research: Do you know what keywords you are targeting and why? Do you want the estimated return organic search traffic totals are? Make a list, and add and update it often!
  2. SEO Friendly Site Design: Can search crawlers easily crawl and understand your website, your hierarchy and what your site is all about? Do you have easy navigation and is your code clean with the proper meta and title tags?
  3. On-Page SEO: What do your content look like? Is it easy for viewers to read and understand. Do you provide enough content, or too much content? Is your design easy on the eyes?
  4. Link Building: Do people know how to find you? Are you building links and relationships with other websites and vendors that pertain to your industry? Are you using social media adequately? Does your content make sharing easy?
  5. Analytics: Do you know what is working and providing results? Do you know your conversion rates per page? How about where your traffic is coming from?

SEO Buckets

Workflow for an SEO Project

So how do you optimize your site? Well, there are multiple ways this could be done. Larger sites will want to create smaller projects aimed at sets of pages. A good rule of thumb is to start with your most popular pages and work your way down to the least popular pages. Take a look at the sample workflow I created for one of the companies I worked for. This has become a very good rule of thumb for us when implementing SEO updates.

SEO Flow

Another good rule is to do your SEO work from the inside out, you will want to fix your site structure and hierarchy before you start working on your design, content and the look of your website. Revamp your SEO approach with a good basis first and work your way out.

Keyword Research and Analytics will need to be done constantly. You will want to sign up with a company like and Google Analytics to easily track keywords statistics and traffic values.

Tracking Your Progress

Tracking and analytical in included in all reports and provide a helpful baseline for traffic, keyword and conversions rates. Providing weekly and monthly reports will help narrow down which pages, products and campaigns are returning results and which areas of your site can be improved.

Sample Simple Keyword Tracking Report

This easy keyword tracking report will give you a quick overview of your progress. You can easily throw together this report using and Google Analytics, provided you have proper tracking codes set up for Google Analytics. Take a closer look by clicking the image below. If you need help creating a customized tracking report for your website, please feel free to contact us!

Tracking and Analysis

Creating customized reports aimed at your business and your goals allows you to keep solid benchmarks for each page of your website. It's important to track all types data, including keyword, traffic, user, demographic, flow, and various types of conversion data sets. This information can help your company make crucial website decisions, and allows you to adapt your strategies to utilize what is working and weed out waste and things that aren't working for your website.

Hopefully this quick overview will help you create your own custom SEO plan for you business. If you are having trouble or need help or want to learn more, feel free to contact us! We will analyze and give you a free SEO and Website Analysis Report to help you refine your goals and your SEO approach.

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