2019 Website Planning Guide, Lite Edition

2019 Website Planning Guide, Lite Edition

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Instantly Download the 2019 Website Planning Guide! 

Build Your Website and Brand Yourself! 

You know it's time right? You want to grow and you know that building a website and branding yourself is the way to go, right? Right! Branding yourself and building a website is A MUST if you are an entrepreneur of any sort. It doesn't have to be hard, so stop saying you can't, or don't know how... now is the time to learn! 

It's the time to build something for yourself that will last forever and represent you, your values and your brand!  

This easy Website Planning Guide will help you plan out your website, from picking a domain name to increasing traffic to your website. As you probably know, there are so many aspects to running your own business that the sheer amount of information can be extremely overwhelming. In this guide I give you simple steps to help you start successfully.  

So if you are ready to start your own website and get a little help building it!, download the 2019 Website Planning Guide today! 

As a Bonus you will also learn how to keep your information organized, and find a list of helpful questions to ask yourself about your own business. This handy guide will help you stay focused on what’s important to grow your business and keep your sanity! 

Instantly download the 2019 Website Planning Guide Now! 

In the Guide, find more information about: 

  • Planning out your site using a sitemap 
  • Picking the best hosting company 
  • Choosing a content management system to design your perfect website 
  • Picking an award winning domain name and brand yourself 
  • Developing your website 
  • Growing your social media presence 
  • Optimizing your website for search engines 
  • Ranking for high value keywords 
    …and much more!  

Website Planning Guide Table of Contents 

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction 
  • Chapter 2 – Company Formation - Learn how to create the basic shell of your company, from Company Name to Address and Banking and Budgeting.  
    • Company Name 
    • Mailing Address 
    • Phone Number 
    • Emails 
    • Banking 
    • Budgeting 
    • Crowdfunding 
  • Chapter 3 – Website Basics - Build your own website without spending a ton of money! 
    • Domain and Hosting 
    • Your Website Objective 
  • Chapter 4 – Design and Development - Plan out your design and develop your website using the best website standards! 
    • Sitemap and Structure 
    • Usability 
  • Chapter 5 – Branding - Learn how to set yourself apart from the crowd!  
  • Chapter 6 – SEO - Search Engine Optimize your website so you can start ranking for the best keywords in your industry!  
    • SEO Basics 
    • The 8 Buckets of Good SEO 
    • Site Structure 
    • Keyword Research 
    • On Page Content 
    • Creating Content 
    • Linkbuilding 
    • Social Media Marketing 
    • Paid Advertising 
    • Analytics 
  • Chapter 7 – Advertising and Marketing Basics - Get the word out for your new business and learn how to stand out above the crowd.  
    • Email Marketing 
  • Chapter 8 – Resources - Find online resources that can help you build and grow your website.  

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